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About Us

About us

Health and Care organisations in Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System (ICS) are passionate about supporting young people to achieve their full potential. We want everyone to have the best possible chance to work in their career of choice.

The Suffolk and North East Essex ICS Health and Care Academies were established in 2019 to bring together projects relating to promoting health and care careers across our system footprint.

The Academy experience provides participants with life skills and increased confidence and knowledge into a variety of careers within the health and care sector.This work supports our commitment to grow our own workforce as part of our long-term goal to become the best health and care system to work in by 2025.

What is an Integrated Care System?

An Integrated Care System (ICS) is where the NHS, local government and community organisations work together to improve your health and wellbeing.

There are just over one million people who we serve as an Integrated Care System (ICS) in Suffolk and North East Essex. People living in North East Essex, Ipswich and East Suffolk and West Suffolk face different challenges and have different opportunities. However, they all want the same good outcomes for their own health and care and for those that they love.

We know that it is only by working together that we will make a difference to the health and care outcomes of the population that we serve.

“I really wanted to find out about Midwifery as this is what I was interested in and from this programme I have found loads of information out! There is also many other sectors I am interested in!”
Charlotte Smith

“I believe initiatives like the Health & Care Academy are important, to support students in making decisions for future careers and accessing professional roles in healthcare.”

Paul Lewis

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