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Health & Wellbeing

Staff within the health and social care sector are well known for the high levels of care and support they deliver to patients in their community. As rewarding a career choice as this is for many people, the work and pressure can undoubtedly take its toll – so the health and wellbeing of workers within the sector is, and should be, a priority for all.

Life is particularly stressful right now. If you work within health and social care in Suffolk or North East Essex and could use some support, there are organisations that are in place to provide you with advice, guidance, information, workshops and courses and more. You can find some information below, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team using our online contact form.

National Support

Support for NHS Workers:


Support for health and care staff within the East of England:

Workshops for ICS Staff

Suffolk Mind Workshops

KCMB – Keeping Calm, Mindful Breathing

The course content includes:

  • What is Mindful Breathing?
  • What are the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing?
  • Our parasympathetic nervous system
  • Attention which is an emotional need and a resource
  • How to do Mindful Breathing – supported practice in the session
  • Upcoming dates: 20th April 2021

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MENIP – Meeting Emotional Needs in Practice

These sessions include:

  • Discussing issues either at work or in your personal life and finding out what needs are not being met
  • Explore ways to meet these unmet needs and develop an action plan
  • Support and talk through ideas from both peers and a Suffolk Mind Emotional Needs trainer
  • Virtual interactive course with resources including a PDF Reflective Practice manual to print out for your notes and action plans
  • These sessions can be one off or part of a programme
  • Upcoming dates: 24th March 2021, 1st April 2021, 14th April 2021

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